Everything is real estate starts with acquiring a property. Different objectives demand specific solutions too. With a rich experience of years-together we help you identify and acquire land property to suit your requirement the said aquisition is made keeping in mind budget, legal, logistics, HR, natural resources, power requirement and social-political scenario.


Land Aquisition

  • Land Recce
  • Land Facilitators –Brokers-Farmers Networking
  • Land Survey, Demarcation & Phase Wise Planning
  • Price Negotiation of Price and Terms
  • Managing the Entire Transaction at a Micro Level, Step by Step
  • Land Aggregation and Strategic Tie-ups with Land Owners via Primary Documentation.

Land Acquisition Consulting

  • Land Acquisition Documentation with Proper Identification Proofs & Precautions & Execution
  • Land legal Clearance Services
  • Tenancy Clearances
  • Mortgage / Loan / Burden Clearances
  • Court Matters – (The best strategy is not to get into one)
  • Land Records – Procurement of Land and Revenue Records
  • Title Search & Title Certificate
  • Land Valuation & Adjudication & Payment of Stamp Duty
  • Registration
  • Post Registration Services

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